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Plus seeks to make your life easier by handing every aspect of your brand / advertisement/identity / corporate or private event, by creating, organizing and producing every detail in a clear and concise manner.

This offers our clients full service consistency, since every aspect is handled in regards to the other, leaving no room for mistakes or misunderstandings, ensuring desires are met flawlessly and in a timely fashion.

end-2-end Solutions

WGM vision is to build a vast network of bridges into the global market through hard work, dedication and pure know-how, in the twenty first century as pioneers of international connections through WGM Relations.

Seeing our customers and employees as our biggest asset, we depend on such relationships to ensure that WGM is the largest multinational corporate and special events global organization that caters to our customers full-scale needs and desires by providing end-2-end solutions in one place.

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“ Gathering your network under one umbrella ”
Welcome to the’'wow''effect, your dream is our goal through excellent public relations the universe is our playing field, a vast network of public relations we excel at infiltrating and exploiting

All marketing studies conclude that relying on the normal marketing does not only fail to reach the planned out come but sometimes it changes and can have undesirable consumer behavior.

Our marketing experts utilize all modern strategies and techniques to urge and excite the consumer/audience/guests, Creating a total brand/event/identity awareness, by way of articles for magazines, TV and radio commercials, documentaries, speeches, trophies, media coverage, sales kits to reflect a desired image.

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“ were ideas are born & dreams are made ”

Our visionary illusionists dream up the look and feel of any occasion in phenomenal style, with vogue sensibility sheer clarity and a fearless attitude. Providing you with a professional team of art directors, graphic designers, animators, architects, and special effects experts. Seasoned in the art of inspirational visions, driven by our attention to detail and originality, leaving nothing to chance.

Enter our realm as we tunnel through the barriers of day-to-day limitations, uncovering a clear path en route to your concept.

There is no limit to our cunning imagination, we plan carefully, budget effectively, schedule accurately & seek to surpass your expectations in a timely fashion meeting your needs.

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Public Relations
“ Professional representation at its best ”
Welcome to the’'wow''effect, your dream is our goal through excellent public relations, the universe is our playing field, a vast network of public relations we excel at infiltrating and exploiting

WorldOfGreatMinds has a team of experts who use their skills to create, motivate and produce influential words, images, devices, ideas etc…

Keeping a very keen eye to detail, we spark and actualize innovative campaigns and movements. Our commitment and work ethics is due to the harmonious atmosphere provided here for us at WGM, where our dedication to our clients’ success is of highest priority.

Presenting our clients’ literature, products and/or services in the most informative and compelling feasible way, maintaining a relevant focus, taking a clear message and making it known. Truth is, you need WorldOfGreatMinds when the need is Paramount.

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Corporate Events

“ Bringing you aspirations to life”

WorldOfGreatMinds Events the possibilities are endless..

WGM events turn your venue into an experience of a lifetime transforming the ordinary into extraordinary. Skilled in the art of ambience manipulation we can turn a parking lot into a romantic night in the tropics complete with twinkling stars in a dazzling night sky, a hotel ballroom becomes a corporate post modern nouveau dance club with shimmering ice bars, trendy music, and a rotating dance floor, utilizing our light, sound and decor experts we bring it all to life We also handle and organize everything from A-Z, venues, catering and menu selection, invitations, giveaways, bouncers, flower arrangements, ushers, security cards, and original speeches for your event.

Light, sound, media, vision and special effects are tools we know how to play with.

WGM” professional team of art directors, light designers, sound engineers and vision specialists use state of the art technologies and premium tools to transform your launch into a piece of art.

starting with the perfect Venues for your event; we handle the catering and menus according to your needs and wants, flower arrangements, invitations, sales kits, ushers and the scheduling.

We handle the Decor and theme of your event. The Decor is everything and the creative team at
WGM is well seasoned in the art of transforming any indoor or out door venue.

WorldOfGreatMinds believes the guest must experience the venue, not just occupy it, therefore spares no effort in obtaining the desired look and feel which is so important in creating a successful event.

Need Entertainment, Mc, performer, international acts or even a whole orchestra?

With one of the most professional global entertainment networks available, we select only the most qualified talent for your event and make sure they play the right tune for your marketing message. Matching talent with a marketing strategy is an art that WorldOfGreatMinds has taken to perfection.

When you hear and see our composition for your event, it will surly be music to your ears.

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“ The wonders of technology at your finger tips ”
We are able to provide all state of the art technologies in light, sound, entertainment, special effects, and fireworks displays, while handling all technicalities in a professional manner.

We believe that Constant education is the key to all smooth operations, especially when working with high-end state of the art technologies. Knowing your tools efficiently will result in longevity, ensuring that your event is in responsible hands.

Because Light, sound, multi-media, visual and special effects are all tools we know how to apply very well, our professional team of art directors, light designers and sound engineers are able to transform your affair into a piece of art, leading the way with our pioneer partners in this field we are sure to fulfill your desires.

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“ Building your vision before your eyes ”

We produce all road signs, billboards, booths, 3D signs and all types of structural elements, such as custom made product stands convenient to your needs, furniture ideas for interior and exterior settings, custom made displays and feature walls providing you a special and unique impression always fixed in your customers mind, as well as building and enlarging your product, showing its full detail for perfect product presentation as a part of a full scale simulator which completes your location and decoration in any scale you need.

Using ideal standardization, latest production technology and professional quality control, making intelligent choices in regards to location, production quality, printing and maintenance.

We have the knowledge and ability to do so with a Production lineup that consists of numerous qualified engineers, designers, technicians and master craftsmen, capable of building, transforming and/or manipulating any idea, venue, identity, or theme, for any brand/advertisement/ corporate or private event, indoors and outdoors on any plateau, land, air or sea.

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WGM Magic Sticks
“ Captivating your mind and soul ”
We can bring magic to your events with our state of the art hologram technology system; you'll truly believe what you see, along with the new DL.3 DIGITAL LIGHT SYSTEM that creates seamless vertical, horizontal or central panoramic media projections controlled from a lighting console.

Using multiple digital lighting fixtures allow you to increase effective screen luminance, transforming any event into a desired theme, and the exclusive X-Flames C.3 liquid - 3 coloured fire works system, proving to be the most dominant of pyrotechnic technologies, with an array of shooting fireballs, 9m high fire columns and jets of flames able to complement any event.